Inspiration – The Timber Terrazzo

Fashioned from leftover marble used to construct palazzos in 15th century Venice, terrazzo’s mosaic-like and hardwearing surface is ubiquitous in contemporary design. Both pleasingly modern and classically styled, terrazzo can be found everywhere – from restaurant entryways in Belgravia to flooring in the London Underground. Random and organic, manufactured yet identifiably human.

Conor Taylor – Foresso’s designer – noted that high quality wood is regularly wasted in enormous quantities when processed. Delicate curls of planed wood and pieces of beautiful timber are regularly pulped for filler or burned. Foresso reclaims these components and fashions them into a material that recreates the aesthetic of traditional terrazzo, with a rich grain and hand-of-the-maker quality, while making it more versatile than ever before.


Approach – Foresso’s Values

Foresso emerged from an appreciation of timber’s rich and natural grain, and takes cues from familiar materials to produce something new and original. Inspired by and designed in the heart of Central London, Foresso balances art-driven direction with practical iteration.

To complement its quality craftsmanship, Foresso only uses FSC-certified timber and always sources locally.


Development – Iterated and Adaptable

Foresso was slowly refined until fit for purpose and then continually improved to be scaled up to full sheet sizes (specifications). Throughout this process, Conor tackled the technical hurdles of imbuing timber with the qualities of Venetian marble: crafting wood chips with a stone-like feel, making the surface consistent and durable, and optimising the proportion between timber and resin-binder material.

As Foresso repurposes timber that would otherwise go to waste, the studio has built close relationships with local saw mills so that we can ensure the quality and provenance of our timber. Additionally, we source RAL matched pigments, allowing us to provide consistency in our standard ranges and makes ordering bespoke designs even more straightforward.


Partnership - bringing together experience and innovation

Foresso is now produced in close partnership with materials and surface manufacturer Solomon & Wu. Their extensive experience with varied and complex projects in more than 40 countries allow Foresso to tackle even the most demanding of applications.  

Collaborative development between Conor Taylor and Solomon & Wu has brought Foresso to its strongest iteration yet with improved casting processes and exceptional hand finishing.



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