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Standard Sheets

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Key Features
  • 6mm Foresso top layer on 18mm FSC Birch plywood.
  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Durable and practical for numerous interior applications.
  • Made using minimum 65% waste material sourced within Britain.

Sheets are supplied with a factory edge.

This means that the edge will need to be trimmed and finished. Factory edges are rough and can include markings from the factory such as order references, thickness references, or other writing.

Price inclusive of VAT.

Foresso is made by hand using natural materials. As such you can expect variance between products, and within a sheet. This includes:

- Wood chip colour
- Surface flatness
- Inclusions of small indentations and pinholes

Sheet Flatness

- Flatness across length and width can vary between 1-10mm.

- Sheets are sensitive to cold and can arrive bowed.

- Sheets have plenty of flex and can easily be fixed flat.

London Plane

Pale yellows and pinks through to deep browns and brown-reds. The wood grain is fibrous and often includes small knots and whirls.


Rich dark brown to pale coffee brown. The wood grain is consistent and sometimes includes dark, almost black, lines and figuring.


Pale orange-brown to a rich orange or dark brown with distinctive dark rings throughout.


A consistent mid brown with light brown rays spreading across the grain. Knots and burr add extra interest to the surface.

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