Ethical Manufacturing


Making things sustainably and ethically is hard. We want to have an open conversation on how we can move towards a better future.

Made in Britain

Every piece of Foresso is made in our Birmingham factory so you know exactly where your products come from.

Fair Pricing for Fair Wages

We put our employees first. Their welfare and wellbeing are paid for through fair and transparent pricing structures.

Our Initiatives

We extend our ethics to every aspect of our business.

A Living Wage

Employee welfare is just as important as sustainability. We are proud to be a living wage employer working to help give our staff stability and opportunity in their working lives.

We believe that every one of our employees deserves to be safe, happy, and valued at work so we don't just stop at pay. We offer all staff a healthy work/life balance, above minimum sick pay, and training opportunities.

Constant Improvement

It's not enough to declare a policy and consider it done. To truly make progress we must be prepared to make incremental improvements and the only way to do this is through frequent review.

We not only review ourselves internally but we are working towards ISO9001 certification and have been thoroughly audited by independent accreditors.

Our Business Model

We must ask why materials are cheap and where does the profit go?

Most materials on the market are reliant on unsustainable supply chains and wage inequality to find profit for intermediaries. This comes at the expense of the worker, the customer, and the environment. We call this "the race to the bottom".

We do not use this business model, instead we run our own factory and sell directly to our customers.

This means we have complete control over every aspect of our business and can ensure the welfare of everyone involved.

How does our price breakdown?

Compare it to similar materials by mousing over each section.

What do we do with profit?

We have some core policies for our profit.

  • Raises, not bonuses. We give our employees raises rather than profit based incentives. This gives them greater stability in their lives and encourages a culture of teamwork rather than competition.

  • Reinvest in Research & Development. We have big ambitions and we won't get there without reinvesting heavily in constantly improving our products and processes.

  • Do No Harm. We do not use our profits to lobby or engage in marketing that run counter to our stated aims.

  • Responsible Capital Expenditure. We plan our big spending carefully and prefer to refurbish than to buy new.

Got Questions?

We're always happy to talk about why and how we do things. If you have any specific questions or would just like to talk about the challenges of ethics in business please do get in touch.


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