Foresso Features & benefits

Do It Yourself

You don't need to be a specialist tradesperson to maintain Foresso, just use our easy to follow guides.

With some simple care your Foresso surface will last for years and years to come.

Day-to-Day Cleaning

Foresso is a wooden surface so you can clean it with normal household cleaners. Watch the video above to see more.

Re-Oiling Your Foresso

As with all wooden surfaces it's important to re-oil it occasionally. It is good to re-oil at least once per year, watch the simple instructional video above to learn how.

Hand Sanding

It's easy to sand and finish to bring back Foresso's fine matt finish. You can do this by hand with a fine sanding block.


If you have a big dent or split then it's easy to fill and fix using a 2-part filler.

Need some more advice?

Check out our FAQs or get in touch via our Help Centre.

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