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Working with Foresso

Wood Based

Foresso is mostly made of wood so you can cut, drill, route, and glue it in the same way.

No Water Required

Unlike stone or porcelain, you don't need water to cut Foresso.


With a little bit of practice you'll see how versatile and practical Foresso can be.


For all cutting and machining operations we recommend PCD (diamond) tooling.

Watch our easy to follow video to see how to cut Foresso using a circular saw.


When you've finished your work it's time to sand and oil your work, as you would with a woodworking project.

Work your way up to P320 using an orbital sander and then finish it with your preferred hardwax oil.


Standard PVA wood glue works great with Foresso.

You can use this as the basis for work such as mitre joins as you would with other wooden sheet materials.


By using 2-part filler you can easily disguise joins and drill holes.

Be sure to use 2 part filler in a well ventilated space.


You can drill into Foresso from the front, or from behind, just be sure to use a sharp drill bit.

Health & Safety

Suitable PPE must be worn while working with Foresso. This includes but is not limited to respiratory protection, hearing protection, manual handling gloves, and safety boots.

Please note that we do not warrant against work carried out by other companies or tradespeople. Nor do we accept any liability for damage to machinery or any other issues while working with Foresso.

Further Resources

You can download text guides to Working with Foresso from our trade and professional pages. If you feel unsure about the work or have any further questions please do consult our Help Centre and feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to help you realise your project.


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