The Timber Terrazzo.

Made in Britain.

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Made of waste wood sourced from trees felled in Britain and hand finished in Birmingham.

Perfect for everyday surfaces such as tables, worktops, and furniture.

Easy to integrate into projects small and large.

How is it Made?

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What Is It Made From?

Offcut Timber

We only use timber that comes from city maintenance, local sawmills, or even building sites.

Our focus has always been on creating new circular economies rather than diverting waste from existing recycling efforts.

Wood Dust

Planing waste and wood dust adds a gentle speckle and pleasant warmth; essential for the timber terrazzo aesthetic.

These are significant waste streams that are impractical for small businesses to recycle. Our focus is to use waste streams that do not have an associated circular economy.

Mineral Powders

We add a mineral mix to give our binder exceptional durability and a fine matt finish. It comes from a variety of sources including cement and plaster waste from foundries.


We use a non-toxic and formaldehyde free binder glue to stick everything together. We developed this usage in-house and is a unique water based formulation.

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