Low Carbon Manufacturing


Our purpose is to produce beautiful things from unavoidable waste with as low an impact as possible.


We source all materials within the UK with an average travel distance of just 43 miles.


Our power is generated by on-site solar, delivering 100% of our energy needs for the majority of the year.

Our Perspective

We believe that the term "sustainability" has been co-opted by the world's worst polluters and is frequently used to muddy the waters.

Our aim is to allow people to make informed choices, this is why we talk about Low Carbon Manufacturing.


There is rarely a clear cut right answer for sustainability in manufacturing so our company philosophy is to choose the least harmful option.

Change can be daunting but with clear goals and an open strategy we aim to constantly improve what we do, and how we do it.

Policies & Goals

Plastic Free

We don't use single use plastics and the only disposable items we have are essential protective equipment for our staff.

All of our domestic packaging is plastic free, with most also being made from recycled materials.

End of Life

Although not (yet) widely recyclable Foresso can be returned to us for re-use and recycling, every piece of material no longer needed can be ground up and used in future batches so that none goes to waste.

You can see our End of Life process here.

0% Landfill

Currently less than 5% of our waste goes to landfill. This is primarly used PPE and other un-recyclable material.


We want to make ethically and sustainably made products more widely available in terms of supply and price. We are actively developing new materials with the support of InnovateUK to meet this goal.

100% Recycled

The last hurdle for our products is to be made 100% from waste material. We've made a lot of progress over the past years and are working on some exciting new products in line with this goal.

Waste Negative

Our aim is to become "Waste Negative" - to consume more waste than we produce. We keep track of every kilogram of waste we produce and consume, reviewing it monthly to constantly improve our strategy.

Got Questions?

We're always happy to talk about why and how we do things. If you have any specific questions or would just like to talk about the challenges of ethics in business please do get in touch.


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