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A suitable base for your Foresso table top is important.

Our products are 20mm (No-Chip) or 24mm (Foresso) thick as standard and have some flex. This means that you need a suitable support structure for your table top.

The most stable table bases have 4 rails and 4 legs, with each leg being joined to 2 rails at right angles.

Larger tables will need a supporting structure.

Wood is a naturally flexible material - very skinny legs can flex causing a table to wobble.

Anything over 1m should have a structure to provide adequate support. Just think about how chunky traditional wooden tables are!

Get close to the edge and fix well.

We recommend that table bases go close to the edges of your table top to ensure a stable piece of furniture. A base that is only fixed in the centre may not be suitable.

If you're at all unsure about the details we recommend getting in touch with a furniture maker or joiner to complete the work.

We can't take responsibility for your choice of base but we're happy to help you along the way.

What to Look Out For


Sturdy legs with rails between them, and fixing points near the edges of the top.


Strong metal frame with fixing points close to edges.

Splayed legs that are angled outwards towards the corner of the table increase stability.

I can't thank you enough for the attention to finish and quality on the panels I received yesterday. They are exquisite and I am so happy.

Zoe M Artist & Designer

Fixing the desktop to my standing desk base was super easy - the underside takes screws really well, so I just lined everything up and used an electric screwdriver to drive the screws in.

James P DIY Home Office Desk

Overall really love the product.

Thomas S Home Renovation Project

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