Ethical Business


We are a certified Living Wage employer and a 4 day week manufacturer.


Making things sustainably and ethically is hard. We want to have an honest conversation.


We are here for the future and actively invest in our business and our staff.

Why Our Business Model is Better

Most materials use unsustainable supply chains and wage inequality to drive down costs. This comes at the expense of the worker, the customer, and the environment. We call this the race to the bottom.

From pricing structure to production to marketing.

We started our business with our ethics at the core of everything.

See how we operate below.

Our Price Structure

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Based on example per square metre price ex. VAT.

How We Operate

This breakdown shows how we spend our income.

Company Breakdown Revenue → Gross Profit: 35.0 Revenue → Materials: 30.0 Revenue → Labour: 25.0 Gross Profit → Pre-tax Profit: 24.0 Revenue → Other Costs: 15.0 Pre-tax Profit → Cash Reserves: 15.0 Gross Profit → R&D: 11.0 Other Costs → Various Other: 5.5 R&D → Product Development: 5.0 Pre-tax Profit → Staff Raises: 5.0 Other Costs → Debt: 4.0 R&D → Capital Expenditure: 4.0 Pre-tax Profit → Tax: 4.0 Other Costs → Marketing: 2.5 Other Costs → Energy: 2.0 R&D → Staff Training: 2.0 Other Costs → Rent: 1.0 Revenue: 105.0 Labour: 25.0 Materials: 30.0 Other Costs: 15.0 Gross Profit: 35.0 Rent: 1.0 Energy: 2.0 Marketing: 2.5 Debt: 4.0 Various Other: 5.5 R&D: 11.0 Pre-tax Profit: 24.0 Capital Expenditure: 4.0 Product Development: 5.0 Staff Training: 2.0 Staff Raises: 5.0 Tax: 4.0 Cash Reserves: 15.0 Revenue Labour Materials Other Costs Gross Profit Rent Energy Marketing Debt Various Other R&D Pre-tax Profit Capital Expenditure Product Development Staff Training Staff Raises Tax Cash Reserves

Policies & Future Goals

Staff Welfare

On top of our 4 day week we offer sick pay at double the statutory rate.

In the future we want to expand this to fully paid sick days, but this is not viable for us at the moment.

Staff Development

Our goal has always been to build an organisation that works for everyone. To this end we offer fully paid training for staff, from forklift licenses to advanced management courses.

Community Engagement

We are part of numerous local governmental and business groups to help lead change in manufacturing.

We will never lobby against our stated aims.

Health & Safety

Our standard of H&S is well above the average for a business of our size.

An employee will never be reprimanded for reporting a H&S issue and we frequently audit ourselves.

Open Strategy

From production staff to upper management, everyone is involved in the company strategy.

Whether it is as part of our All-Hands meetings or in our monthly Ideas & Feedback sessions.

"The Lesser Evil"

No business is perfect, much less so in manufacturing, but we believe in small steps towards a better future.

Got Questions?

We're always happy to talk about why and how we do things. If you have any specific questions or would just like to talk about the challenges of ethics in business please do get in touch.


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