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No-Chip Sample Set

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4 samples of 10 x 7.5 cm. Pack includes :

  • Pewter No-Chip
  • Charcoal No-Chip
  • Sage No-Chip
  • Azure No-Chip 

We highly recommend ordering samples to get a feel for the quality and finish of this tactile material.

Price inclusive of VAT. Orders to the EU will be subject to local duties and taxes, depending on location. These are not included in the shipping price and are the responsibility of the receiver to pay.

Sheet Variance

Foresso is made by hand using natural materials. As such you can expect variance between products, and within a sheet. This includes:

- Wood chip colour
- Surface flatness
- Inclusions of small indentations and pinholes

Sheet Flatness

- Flatness across length and width can vary between 1-10mm.

- Sheets are sensitive to cold and can arrive bowed.

- Sheets have plenty of flex and can easily be fixed flat.

Lead Time

Check our Lead Time page for current timings.

Wood Colours

London Plane

Pale yellows and pinks through to deep browns and brown-reds. The wood grain is fibrous and often includes small knots and whirls.


Rich dark brown to pale coffee brown. The wood grain is consistent and sometimes includes dark, almost black, lines and figuring.


Pale orange-brown to a rich orange or dark brown with distinctive dark rings throughout.


A consistent mid brown with light brown rays spreading across the grain. Knots and burr add extra interest to the surface.

Designed for Life

No-chip contains no VOCs and no formaldehyde, making it a healthy and long lasting choice for interiors.

For all Interiors

From furniture, to countertops, to panelling. There's a place for No-chip in every project. Check out our inspiration page to see what other people have done.

Get inspired


No-chip can be altered on site or in the workshop with off-the-shelf tools and cutters.

Visit our Fabrication Guidelines page to see instructional videos and access more resources.

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